My first book to appear on Amazon, Granny Porn, is a comic novel of romantic suspense. I have others near completion, but this one explores the dark and twisted landscape of old age in a way unlike any novel I’ve ever read. I wrote it last but I’ve published it first, because the characters demanded I tell their story–they punished me with strange visions whenever I stopped writing–and most of all, because they took me on adventures that still make me smile. I hope you, too, will enjoy the crazy ride through Granny Porn.

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Now in her mid-seventies, Trudy Vroman is an aging special operative. The Brooklyn mob guys used to call her the Spider Lady, and she still has a bite. She gets help from Mel Owens, who at eighty still runs every day and remembers his old Army Delta Force skills. She knew Gerta in college fifty years ago, but the renewed friendship comes with new problems. And she faces some unexpected opposition.   Confined to a wheelchair, the giant Frankie Snakes has only a few months to live, but he has scores to settle. More…


I’ve completed the rough draft for two more novels, which are now in edit/rewrite mode.

Tara’s Deamon is an urban fantasy about what happens when an abused but psychically gifted woman merges violently with her shadow personality, which appears in the form of an ancient revenge demon. Look for it on Amazon and other platforms this fall. Click here for a sample to whet your appetite.

Kundalini Apocalypse is a science fiction fantasy about the madness that engulfs the earth when a new form of planetary energy is released. You can expect it in the spring of 2017. Click here for trailers.

Still in rough draft mode are two novellas, The Too Long Dream Time and Anders the Ghost, both set in the aging rust-belt city of Rhodes in upstate NY where many strange things happen. Samples and some commentary here.

Finally, visit my blog, where I explore everything from inter-subjective realities such as religion, money and politics to intensive care units, grandchildren and motorcycling in old age.