Welcome to My Dream-Time World

In the past two weeks, old age caught up with me–I’m 77–and I decided to stop riding my motorcycle. A failure to meld with the machine.

A good friend lies in a coma with permanent brain damage from a bicycle accident. The brute fact of his life-ending event has me reconsidering how I and others find meaning in old age.

I took a shamanic journey, and one of my oldest spirit guides told me to find another guide for this next phase of my life. (WTF?!) Okay, I’m working on it. The solstice coincides with the full moon this month, a good time to journey into the numinous worlds.

A lot of fictional–at least I hope they’re fictional–characters¬†want me to tell their stories. They give me no peace, but they aren’t all usable in a novel, so I plan to post some of their stories on this web site.

The NY Legislature ended its 2015-2016 session, which means I can step back and look at giving the candidates a hard time in fall about ethics reform, sexuality education, and other morally contentious issues that demand my attention as an advocate for progressive religious values.

And I redesigned this website to include a blog.

All this and a lot more are worth blogging about. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy the writing of it.


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    1. There’s another Granny book in the idea stage. I’m looking forward to writing it. It will be very body positive and kink friendly. I expect that Trudy and Mel will have another mystery to solve, too.

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